Monday, September 29, 2008

"You could hurt somebody with that!"

Ok so I waited 2 days from when I drowned a few jalapenos in a jar of vodka. Last night I strained the jar, using the method I use when making cordials. Of course, I didn't have to spend hours or even days straining it, since it was only halved jalapenos and a few floating seeds.

As you can see, the once clear vodka already has a greenish tint.

The next step, as per my cordial making process, is to bottle the liquid into a pretty bottle. I like to use my purple funnel.

After bottling, I like to decorate or label the bottle. I do this of course with my fun Stampin' Up! supplies. Here: silver hodgepodge hardware 1 inch circle, with old olive 1/4" ribbon.

And now we have the sampling: Peter and I tried it first. In a rocks glass, heavy on the rocks. Now Peter enjoyed it, but stated that it had a nice kick. I also enjoyed it and noticed the kick also. Now maybe it was the sore on the tip of my tongue from when I bit it the other day, but I definitely noticed the flavor there first. After I swallowed, I noticed the kick in the back of my throat too. While harsh, it was not painful. But then again, I only had a drizzle.

I imagine it would be brilliant with some V-8 juice. Is that all I'd need to make a kickin' Bloody Mary? hmm, I'd have to get some blue cheese stuffed green olives to go with it, maybe I can try that next week.

Since my dad was home when this little experiment was going on, (and cause he always has something to say about my "Jungle Juice"or "Moonshine") I thought: I need to get my dad to drink this! But first I grabbed the camera!

His comment:

"You could hurt somebody with that!"

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Peter said...

It's a real shame you weren't taking video!