Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So we can move in to the house anytime after noon tomorrow. However, we won't actually own the place until closing which has yet to be scheduled. The sellers screwed up (yet again) and delayed our closing (again) and we made them let us move in anyway since it is a 4 day weekend for us and we won't be able to move at a later date.

This is frustrating because while I get to move into my place, I don't feel as though it IS my place, and therefore my excitement is a bit trampled on.

BUUUTT.. here is a card I made this week, look at it and love it and send me so loves cause I certainly need it right now.

Front of Christmas card:

Inside top of Christmas card:
And I realized I had to do this because I was going to send out "We've Moved" cards, but it is also time to send out Christmas cards.... this way I can do both at one time!

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