Monday, November 17, 2008

Furniture shopping

Yesterday Peter and I went down to the house to measure the dining room. We CLOSE in a week and a half so we figured why not make use of the "Going out of Business" sale down at the local furniture store. We know we need a dining room set so we went to pick one out. I guess I had it in my head that we were actually going to BUY one, what a dummy I am. We get to the store and pick out one that, frankly, while the best of their selection, was not really the best ever. I start to get cranky (from lack of food) so we leave and get lunch. Next stop, another furniture store, this one not going out of business, but one of the ones Peter dragged me out to this summer. I really, really had issue with shopping for furniture when we knew we weren't going to buy it, like over the summer when we had no idea when the closing would happen, or if it would.

But I really thought we were going to get something today, and when Pete kept shooting down my pick, grr, I just don't know what to say! First he said he didn't want to spend a large amount of money when we didn't know what our closing costs would look like. Then he said that the quality of the furniture was not as good. But what drives me nuts is that the "leather like" chairs, aka vinyl, was his pick, and I thought we had a standard as a couple that fake leather was not allowed.

And he's the one that has to shop with a big brain! It makes me crazy, yet I appreciate it when appropriate. He wants the dining room table to fit in the room, with the maximum amount of pre-allocated walk space around it on all sides. He wants the table to fit in with the decor of the house, not the decor that we decorate it with, but the style of the house from when it was built. And since the house was "built in 1950, it suggests a Post-war consumeristic, hopeful outlook" and is the exact style of furniture we need to buy.

We can't agree on any table or sofa or bedroom set. I feel like I should just let him go shopping with whatever brainiac information he wants to base his purchases on, and I should stay home and not have a say on what our furniture will look like. Everything I like he hates, and visa versa. He really justs wastes my time dragging me around those furniture stores, with those annoying sales people that follow you around and listen to your personal arguments.

Either that, or we can just use the crappy shit furniture I have in storage and be done with it.

Here's the one I like:

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